History of the club

Baverstock school formed a gymnastics club over 25 years ago with Mary and Charlie who are now our fusion judges. 

1993 leanne (present head coach) was on of the young gymnasts training after school every week. At the age of 15, leanne took her 1st coaching qualification to assist mary and charlie, at the same time leanne was also representing baverstock in competitions for many years, achieving lots of medals and reaching national school level in both gymnastics and trampolining.

Over the years leanne has gained more experience and qualifications and started extra sessions on a saturday morning.


2007 Leanne took over changing the name to 'Baverstars"

Leanne trained 7 gymnasts and a parent up to become apart of the club help with coaching and expansion.


2012 we became fusion gymnastics club that was gym marked accredited safe fun friendly gym,all coaches crb checked and 130 gymnasts attending.

2016 we moved from our home Baverstock to our new rented facility Kingsheath boys school as we have continued to grow needing more space. currently the club now has 250 members a week attending.